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transition age youth

Literature Review for 16-25 Youth in Transition

Overview of Literature Search

This is a literature search dedicated to identifying existing innovative practices, as well as, expert recommendations regarding issues for Youth-in-Transition with psychiatric disabilities between the ages of 16-25.

This Literature Review is meant to serve as a ‘snapshot’ of some of the nation’s most innovative practices regarding youth-in-transition. The purpose of the literature search is to help in identifying best practice models for inclusion in a White Paper and a statewide educational symposium.

A statewide Advisory Workgroup representing behavioral health associations, advocacy organizations, counties, providers, family members and youth met several times to share their collective knowledge, data, and experience regarding youth-in-transition. Participants identified five domains for further research and discussion including; Access and Linkages, Population, Services, Financing, and Housing. Thought leaders were assigned to further discuss these issues. The discussions and findings of the work of this Advisory Workgroup and their participants will be referenced throughout the review.

This report breaks down the five domains and crosswalks the recommendations by various stakeholder groups with a literature search of the existing programs across the nation that provide innovative models of care for this population, as well as, expert recommendations including the voice of youth and families.

All told, over 25 nationwide reports were reviewed. In the report, each of the five domains is broken down into several categories as identified by the thought leaders and other stakeholders. Each category has two sections, one section is titled State Practices and the other is Expert Recommendations.

The New York State Coalition for Children’s Behavioral Health, would like to thank Glenn Liebman, Executive Director of Mental Health Association in New York State, for his research and compilation of this Literature Review for 16-25 Youth in Transition.

The 16-25 Youth in Transition Literature Review is made possible through a legislative grant administered through the New York State Office of Mental Health to The New York State Coalition for Children’s Behavioral Health.

TAY Webinars Continue


The Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. in collaboration with the New York State Office of Mental Health, is offering webinars designed to help prepare providers to “gear up” for providing the three new Waiver services (1) Pre-Vocational Services (2) Supported Employment, and (3) Youth Peer Advocacy, which will be integral for being able to the serve Transitional Age Youth (TAY) population.


Click here for more information, registration, and materials.

Literature Review Table of Contents

Overview of Literature Search
Best Practices

I)      Access and Linkages
A. Cross Systems Approach
B. Care Coordination
C. Family Links
D. Workforce

II)     Population
A. Eligibility
B. Diverse Populations Involved with Youth in Transition
C. Schools (Screenings and Assessments)

III)   Services
        A. Overarching Service Needs
B. Employment
C. Education Services
D. Self-Determination and Empowerment
E. Youth Mentors
F. Clinical Services
G. Individualized and Person Centered Planning
H. Cultural Competence
I. Adult Skills Training

IV)   Financing
A. Overarching Funding including Blended Models
B. Youth Oriented Services
C. Employment and Education
            (Subset of Youth-Oriented Services)
D. Clinical Services

V)     Housing
A. Various Housing Options for Youth in Transition
B. YIT Services Linked to Housing
C. Housing Model Funding

VI)   Transition to Independence Process System (TIP)
       (Emerging Best Practice)



Literature Search: End Notes

Advisory Group Members

medicaid managed care

As Coalition member agencies prepare for the transition to Medicaid Managed Care, the Coalition will offer information, events  and  activities that support that transition from partnering organizations. Below are events and registration information for current events.

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